Dentists in Worcestershire

Dentists are essential medical professionals dedicated to oral healthcare. Services offered by dentists include diagnosing dental conditions, educating patients on oral care, as well as treating and restoring teeth affected by gum disease or decay. Just like anyone else, dentists want all the normal things in life such as mortgages for dentists, a car to commute to and from work, and a sustainable income. Before one can work as a dentist in the UK, they must undergo training and complete an internship.

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Dentistry requirements

It is important to note all dental schools in the UK are regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC). Applicants can check list of available courses by visiting the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) website. With this in mind, applicants must have passed their A-level exams with good grades. To be precise, they must have good grades in subjects like biology, physics, and chemistry.

Non A-level applicants must have completed a pre-dental or foundation program. Such a course lasts for about 30 weeks and makes it easy for one to enroll in an undergraduate degree program. Applicants with HNDs only do not qualify to enroll in an undergraduate dental course. However, entry requirements for people working in professions complimentary to dentistry vary. For example, a dental therapist with a recognized dental nursing qualification can apply to train as a dentist.


After training and passing the relevant exams, one must register with the GDC. In addition, one must complete a one-year dental foundation (DF1) training or vocational training (VT) program. This internship must take place in an approved dental practice under the supervision of a qualified dentist. Of course, work experience is very important in the dental field. As such, interns typically learn how to receive, examine and diagnose, as well as treat patients. In addition, they learn how to interact with other medical professionals and how to run dental practices.

Tips on choosing a dental practice for an internship

To start with, you should consider the dental setting. Some of the options available in Bromsgrove, England include private dental practices, general dental practices, dental laboratories, community dental practices, and hospital dental departments. You could also volunteer to intern at a hospice, home for the elderly, or even overseas. For instance, Gap Medics offer dentistry packages to students who would like to intern in countries like Tanzania, India, and Thailand. Secondly, consider the type of practice. For instance, if you would like to specialize in orthodontics or oral surgery, choose a dental practice that offers these treatment options. Thirdly, consider equipment and expertise. Intern at a practice that has the latest dental equipment required to examine oral cavities and produce radiographic or computer-generated images. Moreover, the practice should have qualified and respected professionals in the dental field. This is to ensure you learn from the best as well as hone your skills in handling dental equipment.

In summary, to work as a dentist in a bromsgrove dental practice, you must go through training first. This is in addition to completing a one-year internship. Training lasts for five years and successful students earn a bachelor's degree. One can also take part in short continuous education courses or enroll in postgraduate programs.